Enhancing clubfoot treatment experience through contemporary technologies.

Orthosis for clubfoot correction

An orthosis with 6 Degrees of freedom, to provide supination and pronation as per Ponseti technique. 


  1. Remove the problems associated with castings like discomfort to the child etc.
  2. Can be used for correction by parents/paramedics as per schedule decided by Physician
  3. Reduce the extensive travel to the clinic for castings and follow-ups
  4. Increase the effectiveness of treatment by frequent but smaller corrections (otherwise costly and time-consuming through castings).

Challenges with current non-invasive treatment

Although Ponseti Technique is gold standard for non-invasive CTEV treatment but following are the challenges: 

Faced by Patients

  • Child Discomfort
  • Social Stigma
  • Physical Distance from treatment center
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Expert Physicians

Faced by Doctors

  • Late Representation
  • Brace Compliance
  • Irregular or no follow-up
  • Casting is highly uncomfortable for child, even leads to skin ulcers.
  • Extensive travel to treatment centres is required on weekly basis
  • It is skill intensive at physician level, and hardly outsourced to paramedical staff.
  • Treatment cost is a challenge for parents from economically weaker sections

All these factors contribute to the neglect of the treatment of clubfoot. 50 % of children born with clubfoot do not have access to treatment / do not continue the treatment.

CTEV deformity and or with skin problem

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