Customized AFO: Technology for enhancing patient experience

    • A customised ankle foot orthosis (AFO) to help drop foot patients.
    • AFO manufactured additively with skin friendly materials. 
    • An integrated experience for patient from measurement to fitment of customised and optimised AFO involving Design Thinking and Generative Design Approach.
    • Contemporary technologies at the hands of rehab specialist for scanning, designing, engineering and manufacturing.
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AFM (Abrasive Flow Machine) and AFM media

  • Unidirectional Abrasive Flow Machine (UAFM) is indigenously designed and developed finishing solution with Indian patent.
  • UAFM is capable of finishing complex surfaces which are difficult to finish by conventional finishing methods. 
  • Internal as well as external surface finishing, deburring and edge contouring of any complicated mechanical part like nozzle, die, implant etc. can be done.
  • The process produces uniform, repeatable and predictable results on a notable range of operations. 
  • UAFM used separately IPR protected AFM media, which is environmentally sustainable.
  • AFM Media is viscoelastic and holds abrasive particles selected based on the hardness of the mechanical component being finished. 

Pram bag: For active parents

  • Pram bag is designed and developed to cater the needs of urban parent who has to take the baby to park passing through unfavorable surroundings, when the other parent can do house hold works.
  • Convert it with minimal ease into pram and bag vice versa while maintaining the same level of comfort and safety for the child as well as the parent.
  • The parent can travel solo with her / his baby while being hands free when in a crowded place. 
  • The parent can single handedly convert the baby’s bag pack to a fully functional pram in a park/ clean road.
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