Ingenious medical device to treat clubfoot deformity using the Ponseti Method.

Ponseti Method

Ponseti technique is result of pioneering work of Dr. Ignacio Ponseti. This technique involves two phases: correction (manipulations and casting) and maintenance (bracing). The correction phases involves weekly castings until foot comes in normal position and then foot abduction brace (FAB) is used to maintain the correction. 

A Foot Orthosis for babies to correct clubfoot deformity painlessly.

  • Reduces effort: Reduces the labour intensive work involved in casting process. 
  • Increases efficiency: More babies can get doctors attention in the limited time frame. 
  • Easy to maintain for parents

Doctor’s Reviews

“I’m impressed by the design nad the way how it works, we were able to generate all the required motion required to correct a typical clubfoot case.  Simple to use, saves time and effective.” 

Dr Ortho Kumar 
– Ortho Hospital 

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